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Ian's vision

TO offer a high-class, personalized service at an affordable price.

“There was not a single moment the dance floor was not overflowing with people. Definitely the best DJ I have ever seen!”

Chuck & Tiffany

“Could not have asked for a better DJ experience at our wedding. Ian exceeded our expectations, the dance floor was always packed with guests of all ages”

Sean & Megan​

The vision of this company is to create a high-class, personalized service for an affordable price. It is my goal to keep my company small as possible, this gives me the opportunity to have a more personal relationship with my clients. Having a full-time career in marketing & creative services in addition to this company allows me to treat this as it truly is, a hobby. This allows me to keep my prices at an affordable rate and gives me the flexibility I need to find packages and prices that work for both me and my clients.

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“Our wedding night was perfect! We didn't have to worry about a thing when it came to music, no one wanted the dancing to stop!”

Jen & Scott

ian m. Querze, MBA

Years of DJ/MC experience: 15
Position: Owner / DJ & MC

Ian has been in the DJ business for 15 years. As a young man he was constantly entertaining whether it was on stage at a school event or DJing parties. His entrepreneurial spirit and drive led him to establish himself as a DJ in the northern part of Massachusetts where he was born and raised. Starting small with, family BBQs, Sweet 16s and birthday parties, Ian’s company and experience quickly grew and he began DJing school dances and proms before DJing his first wedding at the age of 17.

Ian attended the University of New Haven, CT and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music & Sound Recording immediately followed by his Masters in Business Administration. While attending the university, Ian made a name for himself in the nightlife of New Haven, CT. As a nightclub DJ, he learned many of the skills he uses today when he blends and mixes music in performance. This has shaped and revolutionized his private event company.

“There are so many DJs that simply fade a songs volume up, play it till it ends, fade it out, before fading the next song in. This kills the energy of a party. Constantly bringing the energy up and down like that will not keep a dance floor full. Mixing and blending songs is an art, it cuts out the build up and the break down of the song and matches the high energy points from the previous song and the next song, keeping the energy at a high level and the dance floor in motion”

  - Ian Querze

Ian’s MC and mixing skills that he has obtained over the years come together to create the primary basis of the successful and popular DJ that he is today.  His keen ability to read a crowd and play the appropriate music to fill the dance floor is not something that all DJs possess and will truly make your event a complete success.

Ian made Connecticut his permanent residence after the completion of his degrees and began a career in Financial Services. He runs Elite Entertainment CT as his hobby/side business and over the past 10 years he has established himself in the Connecticut wedding and private event market and his reputation continues to grow.